What iMine offers

The purpose of iMine

The core idea of iMine is to enable access to production mines and labs for test and demonstration activities in the area of primary extraction. iMine will enable easy access to this Network of Infrastructure.
The iMine coordinator will synchronize the test and demonstration capacities in question and will ensure effective communication between EIT Raw Materials partners and other stakeholders – all with the overall goal of achieving as much innovation as possible in the EIT Raw Materials area.

What iMine offers

iMine aims to be the main contact to find a site or lab for test and/or demonstration. This also includs support for actors to be well prepared to meet the site or lab owner.
Available sites and labs in the network include

The specific sites for the production and test mines  will be discussed and determined based on a questionnaire. This is the best way of finding the most suitable site and to be very well prepared for the first meeting with the site representatives.