The main objective of this proposal is to provide a network of infrastructure for KAVA and KCA activities focusing on automation for effective production and safe operation in mining applications.

This is achieved through a single point of contact coordinator that enables

  • Access for EIT RM-members to full-scale mines in real operating production environment with well-developed infrastructure for mine automation.
  • Mines that can be used for tests as well as demonstrations.
  • Access for KIC-members to relevant labs.
  • Access to network of none EIT RM partners that work on mine automation.
  • Coordination of investments.
  • Access of mines for research and education activities.
  • An arena to create an innovation environment.

iMine envision active collaboration between partners from different parts in the value chain (end-users, suppliers, OEM, SME’s,research institutes and academia). It should be noticed that the NoI is also open to partners outside the current consortium.
The main challenge for the continued operation of iMine is to ensure that the coordinator are allotted resources to promote the infrastructures owned by other partners than the leading partner (RISE)

Work packages

WP1: Initiation including setting up and monitoring the Network of Infrastructure (NoI).

WP2: Internal networking and workshops

WP3: Marketing

WP4: Financial sustainability of iMine