iMine flyer available for download

Flyer iMine invitationWith the attached flyer, iMine invites partners to  the Network of infrastructure (NoI) project iMine within EIT. A network of test and demo sites in the European mining area.

The purpose of iMine is, one answer to the question:

Would you like to be involved in finding and testing future oriented mining solutions?

Hope You find this interesting and You are very welcome to contact iMine for more information and questions You might have.

Being a part of the network requires only this from You.

  • One (or more) contact person that only iMine can contact.
  • Brief information about Your sites available for test and demo.

Before any test and demo are performed at Your site the following will occur.

  1. Imine will contact You about the test or demo case to see if you are interested.
  2. If You are interested iMine will comeback with more details and check if You still are interested based on the more details given.
  3. If the above is fulfilled and interesting for You then iMine will establish contact between the test and demo partner and Your contact on your side. If necessary iMine will support the contact as much as possible.